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Our beautiful, old farm house is on a small and winding road in rural Calvados, not far from the Normandy coast. Le Vert Buisson stands with its back to the wind on a four acre property and has a beautiful courtyard facing south. It took a couple of years to renovate the house and cultivate the grounds. But the result is – if we do say so ourselves – amazing.

And these are our prices and terms and conditions

Do you want to see for yourself? Take a virtual tour in and around the house.

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This is us:


  • Martijn – Head of All Things Financial | Keeps track of reservations, bookings and all other important paperwork | Enjoys quiet time on his lawn tractor to hatch new ideas
  • Anna – Head Food & Beverages | Writes, blogs and translates for work and fun | Heads for the beach or the forest with the dogs


  • Stan – Needs cuddles from all the world and their family | Is the proud owner of anything that falls to the floor | Loves Bugsy dearly
  • Bugsy – Looks quite impressive, but has the heart of a scared little bunny | Believes his wishes need fulfilling NOW | Loves Stan dearly